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Our older reviews, back in time to 2012

Mavic platinum pro software crashed *****
René helped me well. Actually, I had no choice. He is very knowledgeable and has a wealth of experience in repairing drones. The quotes from other repairers were so outrageous that I ended up here. René kept me constantly informed via Whatsapp regarding progress in the recovery process. I thought the price was reasonable. So all in all satisfied. Had to swallow when I stood at his door, it is a private house. But most of all, leave your prejudices there, because he's just very good at what he does.
Anonymous from Amsterdam 7-11-2019

Personal attention is paramount ..... Topper
Despite a very persistent problem in my DJI MAvic Pro, Rene brought it to a good end to full satisfaction. Rene is a very pleasant and open personality with and takes all the time for you! A service that you don't often find this time, so keep it up Rene !!!! You are a drone winner !!!!
Bob Oosterbaan from Voorburg 31-7-2019

repair Mavic pro platium *****
It was certainly worthwhile to drive from Tilburg to Ede for the repair of our drone. We are very satisfied and therefore certainly recommend Rene to everyone. He is truly a professional who knows what he is doing. Thanks again Rene! greetings from Tilburg
Hein from Tilburg 5/2/2019

Top! *****
In a word: top! My Mavic was a total loss, its competition gave repair prices that were higher than a new separate drone unit. Rene didn't give up hope and fixed the Mavic, like new, for half the cost of a new one. In addition, the communication and deployment was fantastic. I am going on holiday tomorrow and wanted the Mavic with me, he did everything he could to achieve that, used his creativity, and made it; Mavic is in my bag, working! You don't often see the honesty and openness about the costs at this company these days, chapeau! It is highly recommended to have your drone fixed by Rene.
Dariusz Sobecki 2/9/2019

Top service!
I called minicopters when my DJI Phantom 2 stopped flying. I also had no video connection anymore. Rene immediately picked up on this, after I had sent the drone, he kept me well informed of the progress. I got the drone back and it works great again!
G. Lensen 23-12-2018

Repair Mavic Pro *****
I had a problem with my Mavic Pro. The picture was blurry and the SD card was not recognized. Brought the Mavic Pro to René. He spent a lot of time trying to find out the cause but was unable to find it in the end. He then sent the Mavic Pro to DJI for inspection. After a while the message came that the Mavic Pro was not being repaired but I got a completely new Mavic Pro for a very reasonable price. When René got the new one, he neatly adjusted and calibrated it. I then picked it up at his home. He then explained the settings of the drone clearly to me and also checked the settings of my other drone. In the end I only paid a fraction of the time he spent on troubleshooting etc., he took the remaining time for his own account. He kept me up to date with the state of affairs the whole time. René thanks for your commitment, which you did not want to have all paid. I recommend mini-opters if you have any problems with your drone. I was neatly and neatly helped by René. A man with passion for his job.
Nico Bloemenkamp from Lettele 7-12-2018

Repair Mavic air
Super fast and good service. Can René recommend to everyone. Drone sent and neatly delivered to your home
Dave Jansen from Rhoon 20-11-2018

Repair Mavic Pro
Very happy with René's (personal) service. My drone had to be repaired urgently and René was able to respond. What was very nice is that René guided me through the repair process. He is transparent about the repair. Since the mail with the necessary parts was delayed, René took the trouble to personally deliver the drone to an agreed location. As a result, I was able to obtain the drone just in time to make beautiful images with it during my vacation. I can recommend to everyone to offer their drone for repair. René, thanks again for the excellent service!
Darshan Jagmohan 11/5/2018

Very satisfied! *****
I met Rene a few weeks ago when my Drone crashed. The same evening I got in touch and the next day I could come by. Unfortunately my DJI Air could no longer be made. But the helpfulness and expertise with which he helped me is outdated. Rene knows exactly what he's talking about. Provides clear and clear explanations and is full of tips that can help you. I don't know of any other webshop that has helped me like this in terms of service!
Remco Artz 2-11-2018

dji phantom 2 vision +
have a problem with my dji phantom 2, because I came unannounced specially from Belgium, rene takes the time to study my drone. TOP dude ... and now hope there is a solution.
Anthony from heist aan zee 20-8-2018

Super service
Had a crash with my DJI Phantom 3 did not want to start up anymore, paid a visit to Rene in Ede and outside in the garden while enjoying a cup of coffee it quickly became clear what the problem was and it was quickly resolved, otherwise I think no problems, but Rene saw that the attachment of the camera was broken (almost impossible to see for a layman like me) could immediately deliver the part that was broken and I had lost € 30 and my drone again great
G. Luby from Rijssen 28-6-2018

DJI Phantom 4 repair
After the crash of our DJI Phantom 4, Rene expertly examined it without charging any costs. After receiving a fixed price for the repair of the Drone, he has repaired it to perfection! Hopefully our drone will be able to make a lot of flying hours again. Thank you Rene again!
PCT 5/21/2018

Repair Mavic Air Pro
I had a nasty accident with my Mavic air Pro, then immediately went looking for an address that could fix this because I had to take pictures the following week for a wedding. Address 1, somewhere in Almere, they charge 85, - urgent costs to start with and then also an awful lot of money to repair this. After some further searching I came to the website of Rene:, after 1 phone call with René I was out, this man is a professional in heart and soul! What a cool guy! sent the drone in, and René had it repaired and fully adjusted within a few days! I picked up the drone myself at Rene's home in Ede, this is also his work address, wonderful that this man can deliver such craftsmanship with so much passion from his house (attic), I rarely experience this! René always keeps you informed of developments and consults the necessary. Thank you René for the great service. I would almost say that it is no punishment if my drone breaks down again (=
Jouk Bleijenberg 21-5-2018

Emergency repair DJI Phantom 3 Advanced
Sounds so simple on the phone. Just replace a cable. And then come the 'buts'. - Is it right now because I am going on vacation tomorrow morning? - Do you have the cable at home? - Can I use your debit card because I have no money in my wallet - Can I only be with you in 1.5 hours, is that possible? - discovering on site that another cable is broken, it can also be replaced. Well, if everything is positive and then also get a drink in a sun-drenched garden (in the meantime I have to assist because a garden table is not really a workbench and Rene has lost everything. But for the time being my flying friend can still go on holiday. there is really no other option than to give it 5 stars and possibly advise people that if you want a drone with good after sales you really should go to
Robert from Leidschendam 4-5-2018

Great service, knowledge and enthusiasm
Through the experiences / reviews of others I ended up with the purchase of a drone at Rene. The reviews are good and nothing could be further from the truth. It's unbelievable what knowledge and enthusiasm Rene has about flying a drone. Flying and technology are 'in his blood'!
Evert-Jan van Veldhuisen from Renswoude 1-5-2018

Super service
Truly a web store where the customer comes first. Despite the fact that Rene runs the Zaak almost alone, he still pays a lot of attention to the customers. If you have a question, you will get a quick response with good advice, Top Rene, keep it up !!!
Chris Heemstra from Bergen op Zoom 3/27/2018

Service top!
Very nice webshop. My son had some problems with his drone, but luckily owner René was there. He took the time for us and soon there will be great flying again! Thank you!
Jennefer Vooijs from Katwijk aan zee 3-1-2018

Super friendly and honest advice
I had a phone call today for advice for a drone for my 11-year-old son. Very extensive and honest advice. Be sure to order a drone today or tomorrow at First make a choice from the wide range.
Pascal Schilder from Volendam 24-11-2017

Perfectly helped. Found the ideal drones for my sons. I received very good explanations and even flew for a while, well ... The owner is a bit crazy, but in a nice way. If I was still single :: :))))
Inge 24-11-2017

Incredibly good service
A white raven among the (web) shops. Really no effort too much to satisfy me. I am difficult, but here they really know what customer service means. If you were to go to someone else for purchase, adjustment or repair, you are doing yourself short. Tribute!
Rinus Smit from Nieuwerkerk ad IJssel 10-11-2017

DJI Spark Minicopters
Last Saturday the DJI Spark in Ede picked up from René. Clear explanation and immediately flew! Awesome! Great that someone is so enthusiastic and clear! Thanks René! I really appreciate the explanation and follow up!
Peter Jan from HAARLEM 23-8-2017

Looking for a camera drone ...
I asked here by phone for help in choosing a drone that would be suitable for me. Female, 60 and beginner. I received all the information I needed to make a choice, very comprehensively and with a lot of patience. Where can you find such a great service. I am going to order my first drone here because I have the confidence that if there are any problems, I will be well helped. Thank you very much.
Petra de Roo from Willingen 7/31/2017

Nice people
Bought a drone from another store a few years ago. He doesn't work anymore. Rene helped me selflessly and endlessly. All tips implemented. He is doing it again. Fantastic help for a layman. I will certainly buy the next drone here.
Pieter 84 years from Zaltbommel 24-5-2017

Q222 Quadcopter and parts
Very handy nice website with enough Quadcopters, enough parts available, and a really honest René who runs the webshop professionally, only downside "René calls a little too quickly" (unnecessary) because everything was (is) clear, which makes this phone call actually unnecessary. The parts should be back in stock a little faster, this takes quite a long time (several weeks) and waiting takes a long time if you urgently need a part, so you are forced to look at the Chinese. For the rest in all areas SUPER !!.
HARDEN PATRICK from Patrick V Belgium 21-4-2017

Nothing has changed yet
In the beginning of 2011 placed my first order here. Very pleased to report that the service level has not changed in 2017. Good luck gentlemen!
A very satisfied customer from Joure 14-4-2017

Website *****
Nice website! :-)
Willem de Bie from Rijswijk 15-3-2017

Grateful for the hobby
Thank you for starting a wonderful hobby! René, you fueled flying with me, with the v929 and hubsan x4. This hobby is just great.
Mark 2/14/2017

JJRC H8C drone
Great and fast service too! René remains customer-friendly despite the severe flu that struck him down. He thinks along and is a professional first class. When he heard that the drone I bought for my grandson was going to Curacao, he not only gave good tips but also spontaneously sent spare parts that might be needed and not for sale on Curacao. Really class!
Ine van Herpen from Maarssen 5-2-2017

Minicopter Eachine E010 Tiny Whoop
Bought for Christmas, but unfortunately after a flight of 10 minutes a propeller no longer worked. After a first email to Rene, immediately returned a response with a solution, this did not work. After sending a new part with very good explanation, the minicopter worked again! What service and how thoughtful that this was done at no cost. Thanks Rene, my son is going to practice with this copter but will definitely be back for a bigger one!
Yvette Journee from The Hague 4-1-2017

Great company
Super service and very customer-friendly. The chocolate money from Sinterklaas was also a nice surprise. Totally great :-) Thank you very much Renee and Sinterklaas.
A. Askar 11/19/2016

Eachine E010
What a delicious ragbakkie this is for the living room. Nice and fast and easy to control, plus very crash resistant. At the Chinese slightly cheaper, but prefer to purchase from minicopters with the knowledge that it will be packaged and delivered the next day. Overall satisfied and Thank you Rene.
Jaap from Amersfoort 21-10-2016

Drone suddenly fell from the sky. Sent it to Rene. A number of loose solderings were found by Rene. Case warranty. Had frequent and frequent contact with Rene. This took weeks ....... (delivery of parts was a huge concern) Rene couldn't do anything about this either. (very frustrating) The solution offered was ultimately a new drone. I was of course pleasantly surprised with this. Thanks Rene ....
Rene from Roodeschool 14-10-2016

Faulty Q212
Friendly and quickly resolved! Expert advice. Rene thinks along with you to find a good solution. Great business, fast delivery and good know-how! I am very satisfied after a less pleasant experience with another drone company. Really recommended !!!! Never buy my drones anywhere else (certainly not in China because I never received that).
Kees Westdorp from Oud Bijerland 9/17/2016

Phantom 3 Standard
Last Friday my new drone passed Phantom 3 standard. Very good explanation and given what he can do. The service is top notch and it was very pleasant with René. Kind regards Theo
Theo Span from Stiens 9/11/2016

Honor where credit is due
The Minicopters team is very professional, responds quickly and works expertly. An honor to do business with.
Marcel Buitendijk from Dordrecht 8-9-2016

Purchase Quadcopter
Saturday July 30th bought a Phantom 4 Quadcopter at Minicopters. During a cup of coffee I had a clear explanation of the operation and prior to picking up the unpacking and charging was already visible on the webcam ... All three batteries were properly charged. Under supervision made a test flight where the time was taken and then further explanation about the DJI-go app. Tell me where else you get such service! Nice, trusted webshop with knowledgeable and sympathetic staff .... highly recommended. Thanks René,
Kees Kropff from Capelle aan den IJssel 1-8-2016

After buying a Vision here a year ago. Which I had some problems with, which are all neatly solved! Because I was very satisfied with Mini Copters, bought an Inspire1 here last winter. In the beginning had some delivery problems to get the Inspire 1 completely to my liking. Which was up to the supplier and NOT to mini copters! In the end it all worked out! Today Sunday 19-6-2016 I found out that I could not play my recorded videos properly on my laptop ... Also that problem was solved within 2 hours on Sunday today. TOP René! Thanks! A super machine! A great company! And definitely recommended for others !! And top people who know about it! Thanks René and not to forget Jeffrey, great service !! Regards, a very satisfied customer 👍
Johan from Oudkarspel 6/19/2016

Drone Q222
Drone Q222 ordered for grandson's birthday and asked if it could be delivered on time. And yes, it was possible on time and it was also neatly reported that it was possible ..... All is possible, super customer-friendly, helpful ...... Grandson happy, grandpa happy .... 👍👍👍👍👍
Cor. from Reuver 7-6-2016

nice drone, super service!
ordered a nice drone last week, found out the same afternoon that the wrong color was ordered. after an email which was still treated well after closing time, the correct color was received. and that within 24 hours too! even had contact to see if everything was as desired. these people have an interest in satisfied customers, and they do everything they can !!! SUPER SERVICE, SUPER CUSTOMER FRIENDLY, They won't forget you immediately after purchase! TOP!!!
Huey from Amsterdam 5/31/2016

DJI Phantom 4
Picked up my DJI Phantom 4 today. Neatly delivered, they took plenty of time to explain the intricacies to me and had a free flying lesson. I flew home for about two hours to get the hang of it a bit, which was no problem at all. The camera produces calm images that are remarkably clear. All in all, the Phantom 4 makes a very good first impression. Thanks again for the detailed explanation and the great drone!
Ligtenberg from Rijssen 17-5-2016

Great service
I have been a customer of Minicopters for three years and every time I am surprised by the enormous good service.
Rob from Uit Apeldoorn 5/13/2016

Great service
Order engine and landing gear. Screws were missing. One phone call and the screws are neatly sent, free of charge. Great service.
Joop 5/12/2016

After the first reception of this drone, I was pleasantly surprised at first. Nice drone with especially the nice barometer built in. However, after a few flights, the drone got lost. It took some effort and sending back to get this problem clear with minicopters, but in the end it was handled very neatly and correctly. More than sufficient for this drone supplier. Perfect service, fast and in case of problems you will be treated very correctly.
H Poppe from Hoofddorp 25-4-2016

Hello Rene Received the drone in good order. Tried equally and flies perfectly. And thanks for the good service ... Friendly Theo
Theo Span from Stiens 9-4-2016

Mobius HD ActionCam
Hi Rene order done 3/16/2016 time 5:54 PM. The day after I had already received two messages back that my order Mobius HD ActionCam was transferred to, quite quickly. 18-3-2016 I received the order. Quick service. I am very satisfied with the Mobius HD ActionCam. Thanks Rene and see you next order.
Richard Martens from Wijlre Limburg 18-3-2016

After a telephone conversation on Monday, March 14, 2016, I bought a WLToys V686K on Tuesday, March 15, 2016 and picked it up in Ede. Very kindly received and had extensive text, explanation and a small demo. Rene even took so much time that at a certain point I really had to leave to avoid arriving too late at an address in Wageningen. In short, a must and, as has often been mentioned in the reviews, a service like you don't find much anymore.
Anonymous 3/16/2016

Purchase Inductrix drones
Super fast delivery within 24 hours. Next minor malfunction due to inexperience, but resolved super fast by phone in a very friendly way. Really TOPPIE
Jan Klarenbeek from Bennekom 6-3-2016

perfect Service and very helpful
I called with a question about propeller placement and it was answered very helpfully, all the time was taken. also with a question about my Phantom 2 Vision Plus with the well-known video problem, I was again helped in an excellent way and provided with advice. If I ever buy a new drone (which I could have done better given the problems with my Phantom) then I would certainly do this at Minicopters! I want to recommend this shop to everyone !!! thank you very much again.
Jan van Tour from Capelle aan den IJssel 19-2-2016

10 stars
I also like to give Minicopters a 10+. You are inundated with shops that sell drones, after purchase you are apparently no longer a customer and you are not helped with problems. How different is my experience with these hard working guys. Up to two times I have called on service and received it quickly and professionally. The gentlemen know what they are talking about and offer solutions. We will work with you until the problem is resolved. Thank you, a (new) regular customer!
Ger Peerboom 17-2-2016

drone problems
Good experience service very good in case of problems you will be helped well and solved well, you do not experience much if I have to give a grade 10+
gerrit boon from delft 6-2-2016

XK X380
Hi Rene, Today was the first time to really fly. What a beautiful machine. Flies really very nice. With Gimball, camera and this temperature flown for over 18 minutes and no warning lights yet. Can't wait for my FPV set to arrive. Greetings from Veenendaal Rob Kieft
Rob Kieft from Veenendaal 29-12-2015

Nice people who know their business
I got off to a good start from you. When I'm in the area I come to the store and see which people give that good service.
Antoine Jansen 11/26/2015

Defective motor
Bought a JRC H8C from Minicopters in mid-August and flew it several times. Until I wanted to fly it this afternoon. The weather was nice and little wind, when it turned out that one of the four motors no longer worked. I called Jeffrey, who said that no warranty could be given on motorbikes, but despite that he has promised to send me a new motor! A TOP service from Minicopters, many thanks!
R. Dehue from Epe 12-11-2015

Flying 3D X8 drone repair
Flying 3D X8 delivered to Minicopters. Had some deviations. Rene has made it completely so that I have now completed the first flying hours! Very good service and communication about the work. Top team there at Minicopters.
Sandro Nagtzaam from Vleuten 3-11-2015

A broken motor was immediately replaced. Telephone assistance also works perfectly. Thanks for the service Jeffrey!
Ruben 31-10-2015

charging device
The charger broke down cause the power supply is broken. I called and got a new one by post the next day. SUPER is that !!!!!! Great service from you.
Chris Ketelaar. from Nijmegen. 30-10-2015

Very satisfied with your service
Recently I bought my very first drone, a Hubsan X4 V2, from Minicopters. I was just very unlucky that during testing it turned out that 1 of the 4 motors no longer worked. I reported this by telephone and was able to return it immediately. Sent at the end of last week and at the beginning of this week I already received a confirmation that my new one had been sent by you. This one works as it should! Minicopters are definitely recommended! If all goes well it may also be said!
Mattias Pletinckx 29-10-2015

Very good *****
It has been a long time since I have been helped so well and received such good advice. If I could have given 10 stars you would have got them Rene
Rob from Enschede 26-10-2015

rc logger
Super bought an rc logger drone on Tuesday. But after a day motherboard broken it brought him to it. And guess what in the evening jefry from minicopters came to my house in renkum with a whole new one. this is still top. So renee and jefry a big 10. Top top super
ed van kooten from renkum 22-10-2015

Top service!
This afternoon I had contact by phone about the delivery of an unsuitable engine for my V686. It turned out that the wrong engine was delivered by mistake. No hassle with returns, etc., but they deliver a suitable motor immediately at their expense. I think that's really Top service! My compliments.
Férenc Hutjens from Wijk bij Duurstede 8-10-2015

Best coffee
This afternoon I experienced that not only the service is perfect, the coffee is also delicious :)
B. Schouten from Apeldoorn 6-10-2015

RC Eye Xtreme
Had given the wrong delivery address, but minicopters made it right. I am very pleased with their service. Recommended. The RC Eye Extreme is a real winner! My first little dream. Definitely recommended. With a spycam lighter I have already made nice movies.
thedaveexperience from amsterdam 3-10-2015

Fast and correct
Dear Minicopters, Today I received my V303 Seeker. Unfortunately not able to fly yet due to bad weather. Thanks for the fast delivery and that I could purchase the "new" version with a small additional payment. Also answered very correctly by phone.
Franco Scala 5-9-2015

Hello Rene The x6 received. Perfectly good service I have been away for a few days, so only now I am going to fly with it tonight I am looking forward to it. Kind regards Theo
Theo Span from Stiens 31-8-2015

This post is a recommendation for René and his employees. You run a wonderful company that I can recommend to everyone. In recent years, I have often had to and can appeal to you. In an emergency I could even count on the help of on Sunday evening. You have a heart for the business and this hobby. I appreciate that very much.
Roy Sanders from Utrecht 25-8-2015

Service *****
Today I received my seeker 303, again a good and fast service from minicopters, thank you. Yesterday received a phone call from Rene that he was sent and ready to fly, so unpacked, mounted rotors and made a test flight, everything went smoothly. Thank you for the service, always correct!
Anonymous 8/24/2015

Seeker V303
After some practice I tried My Seeker V 303 well. He behaves just as expected to steer and coming back works very well. I am also very satisfied with the service of Minicopters. And therefore recommend it to everyone.
Chris 24-8-2015

Top service
Placed an order a few times and always shipped quickly and properly. Aftersales are also good. My battery had bulged and I contacted René about this. After an email contact a day later a new healthy battery arrived!
Bram 7-8-2015

Top service and know-how *****
This week I purchased a WLtoys v686G after a good conversation with This drone is a match with what I had in mind. They also installed an extra antenna for me. All this within 2 working days and for a competitive price! Thank you gentlemen.
F. Hutjens from Wijk bij Duurstede 8/5/2015

ESC and motor
Great service! Rene is passionate about his business! Ordered an esc and motor, it turned out that a small mistake had crept in via the ordering site. Then you will be nicely called with the message that it will be fixed, and they even think along and offer another alternative .. SUPER !!!!
martin 8/2/2015

Top Webshop !! *****
Package well arrived great service top Rene !! The v393 is quite a whopper of a thing: D bigger than I expected haha. small test flight done indoors and really a super stable Quadcopter. The remote control also worked on my v262 and I am very happy with that! Now just a little better weather then I can test it out well, videos will follow later.
Stef from Beverwijk 7/29/2015

Super Service
What a great service. Also for small orders. Hooray, my part on the doormat within two days. Change the motor and buzz again! Thanks!
Anonymous 7/25/2015

The battery *****
Package well arrived great service top A nice flight tonight
Theo Span from Stiens 6/30/2015

Called more than an hour with Minicopters. Finally got the advice to buy a 59 euro helicopter while I was planning to spend 1200 euro. An honest shop with honest people. Get over that again! Thanks!!!
Chantal Raamsdonk 26-6-2015

Good service!!
I have already ordered parts for different quads several times and always perfect delivery. Delivered the next working day, and also carefully packaged! Very friendly on the phone and received very good advice. In short, my compliments to Minicopters! Recommended!
Paul from Wijk bij Duurstede 5/27/2015

WL toys Seeker V 303
Bought the V 303 Seeker a week ago. He flies top. Despite the strong wind, he faithfully maintains his GPS position. Fast delivery, good service and I was indeed able to follow the unpacking and testing of the quadcopter on the webcam of minicopters. The Seeker is not inferior to the entry-level Phantom and is cheaper. After many years of flying experience with RC planes, the GPS quadcopter is a nice addition to RC flying.
Herman Thissen from Brakel 23-5-2015

Top webshop! *****
I have already placed several orders in the past year and have helped well and quickly every time. I also once experienced that I had bought an FPV camera and ordered a lens that was already included as standard. Neatly called by Rene and he pointed this out to me and immediately received my money back. In short, a very satisfied customer who certainly recommends minicopters.
Rob from Nieuw-Vennep 18-5-2015

Passed with a Phantom Vision plus *****
Went with Rene yesterday, what a guy. Good advice, all the time, an idiotic turtle (too bad it is locked up), a few customers and that includes me. Just bought that phantom vision plus V3. I am happy with it and no I will not be tempted by Marktplaats offers. By the way, those prices are certainly very competitive and Rene is not crazy, she really looks around. Advertise the other provider and as you can read elsewhere, they cannot even deliver, so well .............
Roel 11-5-2015

phantom 2 fpv plus zenmuse
After some consultation on the forum I came up with an extensive package of stuff to make a Phantom FPV, and after a lot of deliberation, we ordered it. Within three days it was collected, assembled, tested and shipped by the Minicopters team! big, big thanks, and deep respect for the expertise!
Paul van Wingerden from Delft 2-5-2015

Order quadcopters
Fast and prompt delivery by Minicopters. Excellent service, everything is 100% correct. I am very satisfied!
Walter from Breda 22-4-2015

DJI Inspire 1
I've been wanting to get the Inspire 1 for a while and made the decision two weeks ago. After all previous good experiences with minicopters, I called René to reserve one for me. Now René is in Ede and I in Anna Paulowna and that is a bit apart. But because of a family party near Ede, I thought it could be combined. Only the party was on Sunday and then René is at rest. But luckily for me he was willing to sacrifice half of his Sunday to teach me a thing or two about the Ispire 1, class I think. Then you can of course say, for that money that is also allowed, but there are not many who do that, I don't even think anyone. René's motto is first show that you can fly with this machine, then you will get him, and I share that opinion. Very often someone orders a quadcopter because it seems easy, and then flies everything to pieces, with all the consequences that entails. I was already used to flying with the DJI FC40 and I liked it. The Inspire 1 flies even more stable and has options that I will need in the coming weeks to master. In the evening at home I have already flown a bit and it only makes me happier. tribute to minicopters and tribute to René.
Henk Sikman from Anna Paulowna 20-4-2015

DJI Naza V2 + GPS
have here a DJI Naza V2 + GPS set, delivered within a day, look that I call service !! thank you very much.
Giuliano from Alkmaar 4/12/2015

Top Really
Have ordered a frame wheel f450 with my account on Easter Monday for a model flying friend. With the request to deliver to his name and address. Completely top 2 days later. Thanks!
Dick Visker from Rijen 8-4-2015

The only shop that really tests
I already bought a drone somewhere else where they said they test everything, so no good. I still had to put everything together myself. Also the camera, Now here bought the v222. The battery was already charged and the camera with the card was already in it. There were also videos and photos made, When they were flying. Very very good, I am very happy with this store and will never buy from another one !!
John Boogaard 28-3-2015

Service Very Good service
Hi We pass on that the service is great. Fast and above all good service. :-) That is no longer self-evident with many web shops
Anonymous 3/21/2015

order delivery
Top site made 2 orders h8c drone and accessories for my v222 good and fast delivery thanks minicopters definitely recommend.
kevin from Zedelgem 19-3-2015

warranty on quado kopter *
For my husband's birthday, I bought a quadcopter, H8C. He unpacked it and it turned out that the wires of the HD camera were loose. My husband is not a tech. He called the supplier. He advised him to put it together. He did. The camera remained defective. The supplier then repaired it. The camera remained defective. Answer from the supplier: then the circuit board in the quadcopter is broken, and that was it. My husband was sorry he couldn't use the camera, but the quad copter could. Two weeks later, a propeller stopped spinning. The supplier literally said that the engines could fail within a few flights. We do not have to count on warranty. Because he referred to the warranty provisions which include that the product can break within a few flights and the warranty does not apply to that. Unfortunately! You can expect a little more from a product of 122, - euro including shipping than the answer we received. We can claim any warranty! It all seems fantastic on the site, such a sales pitch. But the reality is disappointing. Not a pleasant experience with mini-copters!
Haaksma from Leusden 19-3-2015

Response Minicopters

Dear Mrs. Haaksma, Minicopters tests every quadcopter, the camera is also extensively tested. You have found a test video and photos on the SD card, taken with this camera. Your husband reported to me that he accidentally broke the cabling himself. That can happen. I have sent a new cable set with plug for free. When the camera didn't work for you, your husband sent the camera at my request. As it turned out, all wires were haphazardly connected to each other (wrapped around the whole thing with a plaster) and thus caused a short circuit. I soldered new wiring free of charge again and tested the camera, it turned out to work excellently. After returning the camera, the camera on your H8C turned out not to work. Most likely because the motherboard has been hit with by the short circuit caused. If, with the best of intentions, your husband accidentally causes a short circuit, it is indeed not covered by warranty.

Then the engine that broke after 2 weeks ... Engines break down, sooner or later. Due to a crash, wear, blocking, etc. We do not give any warranty on this. It is very clearly stated on the product page of the H8C itself. Not in small print, not just in the terms and conditions. You indicated that you read this. I have done my best to explain to you that it is impossible to exchange every quadcopter with a defect for a new quadcopter. In practice, this would mean that we would have to take every quadcopter with damage ever sold endlessly for a new one. The RC hobby does not only consist of flying, sailing or driving, but also repairing 'injuries'. A new motor is installed within 10 minutes. However, you indicated that your husband is not smart enough for that. However, I can imagine that someone within your friends and / or circle of acquaintances can take on this task. Minicopters does not only have the motors in stock, but has posted 2 videos on how to best change them. We can't make it any easier. I would like to assist you but cannot meet the requirement to replace the quadcopter. Even if this leads to a negative assessment. Hopefully someone will change the broken motor so that your husband can pick up the hobby again. It is certainly not necessary to regard your man's quadcopter as a waste of money, and a few euros and 2 handy hands are enough to resume the hobby.


Rene Nieuwenhuis

Minicopters is really a super toko Had pieces with my Xtreme that I could not make myself if I could bring Rene home in the evening and called me 2 days later that everything was fixed again and if he could send the Xtreme so that I could fly again very happy along!
Barry from Boxtel 17-3-2015

Various purchases *****
Various purchases have already been made, and it always turns out, if the stock is there, which you can see for yourself, it will be delivered the next day. Even my last purchase, made on Friday .... yes ... Saturday in. Thanks and keep it up, it's great!
Dick from Gilze Rijen 7-3-2015

Phantom 2 case
Just super! Order and delivery.
José from Menen 3-3-2015

handling orders and contact.
It is a top site in terms of orders and the handling of delivery times and contact are also top. Nothing to complain about. Something not right? also neatly handled. Yes, really nice this! Too bad you don't have but do it yourself and racecopters. I have made you Logger Xtr a beautiful beast but often had to order bits and pieces from someone else and that was immediately noticeable, seriously waiting for 3 weeks. Recently I had to have a battery alarm order it at home next day at minicopter !!! JEEEEES continue soldering !!! hahaha
Van der Eijk. Arthur. from Vlissingen 28-2-2015

Great hobby on the side? and super service
After a lot of reading on the internet, I came to the conclusion that I wanted a quadcopter and where better to order than here at, with only positive experiences from customers you can hardly go there anymore. The first two battery sessions are already over and what fun with such a small V222 flying machine. I do think it is an advantage if you have driven, sailed or flown with RC before, at least for me. after 20 minutes I've already got the hang of it. Start low on the ground trying to get a feel for the joysticks and make sure you have a nice and spacious room. This first minicopter actually already tastes like more ;-), thanks to the whole minicopters team.
Frank Korver from Almere 20-2-2015

Super service and customer friendly
After several weeks of searching for which drone was best for me, I finally decided what it should be. The phantom2 V3. And of course you want it quickly. Emailed minicopters and called. Kindly answered by René. At the end of the day I was able to drop by and did a test flight together. Very well organized, and René also took all the time to explain and tell how everything worked. In short, a lot of thought, but very happy with a super nice and complete drone, and very happy that I bought it from minicopters. Thanks
Erik from Tiel 17-2-2015

good and fast
Ordered Eye Extreme with extra battery and earial kit on Friday morning. At 3.00 pm I already received the email with track trace and the drone was delivered on Saturday. The drone was well packed against the rough work of PostNL:) All items ordered were in the box including signed order list. The batts were still in the controller, so it was actually tested. Certainly a good store, next drones will certainly also be bought here
Christiaan from Jirnsum 14-2-2015

Gopro mountain bike for dji phantom
Fast delivery and well packed
Patrick 2/13/2015

Order 1st quad
After I ordered my first quad, and was still talking on the forum about the right choice, I changed my mind. The order and payment have already been made. Situation explained and it was no problem at all to change my order to another quad. Ordered on Sunday, changed Monday morning, and arrived on Tuesday afternoon. Very fast and personal service!
Mark from Friesland 11-2-2015

excellent delivery fast service .. *****
I had placed an order on Thursday after 6:00 PM immediately afterwards I received an order confirmation ... and the day after an order update that my order was offered at post nl .... now it is Saturday before noon ... package is here in front of me ... fast delivery, complete delivery, and controlled delivery (thanks rene) I see that the light of the charger is off :) so that only means one thing !! .... correct !!!! nice to have done business with minicopters very satisfied
wilfred from geesbrug 7-2-2015

Wltoys v303 seeker *****
Having come to the site by accident, I was looking for a nice quadcopter with GPS for a long time. Fast delivery and a phone call that the seeker was already calibrated, so right out of the box and off you go. Definitely recommended this v303 seeker. mvg Paul
Paul Aben from Rossum GLd 26-1-2015

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