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Everything about the costs of your drone repair


The hourly wage is 35 euros incl. 21% VAT with a minimum of 2 hours. Repairs on electronics (micro soldering motherboard, ESC board etc), 50 euros per 30 minutes incl. 21% VAT. The average drone repair takes about 2 working hours. If parts need to be replaced, we will pass on the costs.

A attempted repair and/or too expensive in relation to the value, 70 euros incl. 21% VAT. Minicopters has really pulled out all the stops to find the cause of a problem, but is unable to solve the problem. Any used parts will be removed. A drone that cannot be repaired will not be put together, you will get your model back in parts. Would you like to receive it completely rebuilt? You then pay 35 euros incl. 21% VAT extra. Completely useless work should be rewarded, we would much rather work on a meaningful repair.

What do I pay in research costs?

NOTHING! Please report that you first want to have an investigation into the final costs of the repair.
Without this information we will start a paid repair.

How long will it take to repair my drone?


A few days. Urgent repairs are given priority and are subject to availability the same day or night. Few or many urgent repairs can affect the average.

Rare but it occurs for ... three to four weeks. In some cases, parts have to be ordered in China
are out of stock or take an absurdly long time to reach the Netherlands. Frustrating to both parties.

(Temporary) update repair times; corona, holidays, transport problems etc

Completely unexpected due to the enormous amount of working at home, (temporarily) unemployed and hobby

seeking pilots increased the number of repairs by approximately 400%. Add to that the huge

delays in transport of the necessary parts... keep in mind that a repair

may temporarily take (much) longer than originally agreed. As you have read

Urgent and water damage repairs take precedence, these have also increased proportionally.

Feel free to ask and as often as you want when your drone repair is ready, I'll try the best estimate

to give. Don't get angry or frustrated, I do my very best and work through weekends.

Are you a company or a bungler?


Registered as a company since 1994
Chamber of Commerce number 64078442
VAT number NL001854150B21

Where are you located?

In Ede, Gelderland. Between Utrecht and Arnhem. See Google Maps

What do you need for the repair?

The drone with one battery, 2 left and 2 right rotating propellers and the controller.

We would like to see a first name and 06 number on the drone itself. A piece of wallpaper tape, sticker, paper and adhesive tape is sufficient. Also a separate note with the identified problems.
DO NOT send along; SD cards, loose cables (incl. Cable in your controller), tablet, etc. In short, only what is strictly necessary to perform a test flight.

Will you keep me informed of the repair?


Minicopters is good at repairing, less good at providing information. Feel free to ask how your drone repair is going. Via the contact page you have 7 ways to ask questions. Messages via WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger and
Telegrams are also often answered in the evenings and weekends.

Do I have a warranty on the repair?

We look at the warranty together on a case-by-case basis ... If we made a mistake during the repair, we will of course repair for free and immediately. If you crash your drone into a tree a day later, you (or your drone) probably did it yourself. We test every repair, we fly your drone and, if equipped with a camera, take pictures that you return
can watch. The repair itself is also recorded by 2 HD cameras and is public and visible to everyone live.

Can I wait for the drone repair to be completed?

Generally not. Of course, a small thing can always and quickly in between. In general, a repair takes too long and / or there is no immediate time for it. Minicopters is located in a wooded area, on the west bank of the Veluwe. Plan a day out, we plan the repair.

When do I have to pay for the repair?

You pay when the repair is done.
Opportunities; PIN on location, cash on location, Tikkie, iDeal payment link, PayPal payment link or by means of
manual transfer in accordance with invoice. After some negative experiences, paying afterwards is unfortunately no longer possible
possible. Your drone remains the property of Minicopters until payment has been made (right of retention).

Where do I send my drone for repair?

To which address do I bring my drone for repair?

Van Speykstraat 10
6712HG Ede

Bringing a drone? Please, let's see it together. Make an appointment in advance so that
we can schedule time for you! We are happy to answer your question, please contact us.

My question is not listed!

Always contact us without obligation

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