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Minicopters is a so-called one-man company, founded in 2010. After turbulent, continuous growth in 2014, supplemented with skilled personnel. Not a luxury office, the house is still excellent

Started purchasing from the manufacturer in China. We purchased brands such as Hubsan and WLToys at the source and shipped to Rotterdam. At the time, there were no importers and / or dealers yet, Minicopters was the first company to have the so-called 'toy drones' transported to the Netherlands on a large scale.

Several customers asked us to sell the DJI and Yuneec brands. Digitech, at the time importer of drone label DJI, provided us with the DJI dealer status. The drone brand Yuneec followed not much later.

Selling is one thing, repairing is a completely different branch of the trade. Hobby, modeling planes had been built and tinkered with for 30 years, slowly but surely the repairs took more time than the sale of drones. Not entirely coincidentally, the challenge of properly and inexpensively repairing a drone is much closer to the heart than sales. After all, the customer is the drone pilot, almost automatically a hobby friend.


As a 6-year-old boy, I saw Neil Armstrong first step on the moon, which was very exciting.
That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.
For my seventh birthday I asked for and received all kinds of 'spaceships'.

I spent a lot of time in my own helicopter. A cockpit made of a wooden crate, a steering wheel made of a cake bowl, a broomstick and oars as propellers ...

When I was twelve I was allowed to go to the modeling club. There I built complete balsa wood planes with only grown men. These planes were equipped with a fuel engine.

Adolescence taught me that there were more than airplanes between heaven and earth. The attention shifted to ... what adolescents still do.

Years later, the first drones came on the market.

Drone flying turned out to be all the rage, not foreseen by me either.

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