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Our older reviews, back in time to 2012

V 222 *****
Ordered the V222. Received confirmation email. Track trace number. In short, excellent delivery. Device has been tested at home. Very pleasant. Great drone, beautiful images, film and photos. Advice is to buy an extra battery. Indeed lasts about 10 minutes. Then charge for an hour. Very nice device. I'm even thinking about buying another one.
Rob from Terneuzen 31-12-2014

DJI Phantom Vision 2 + V3 *****
This afternoon picked up my DJI Phantom Vision 2 + V3 and received instruction about the Phantom itself and flying. Inexplicably, it disappeared into the trees during the test flight and crashed. Within three quarters of an hour another, brand new, was arranged and installed, followed by another test flight. Which now went well. Well arranged so that I could still leave Ede with my new possession in the back seat.
Kees from Oud-Beijerland 19-12-2014

Super! *****
What a great service! Ordered yesterday Friday, and today Saturday around noon PostNL was there with my Hubsan X4, nice. First flight, well, you can barely call it flight, it's over. I will have to practice a lot ... that was a bit disappointing. But carefully we continue with the first steps in quadopter flying :)
Roel Jacobs from Belgium 13-12-2014

Good service *****
Excellent service and clear explanation. Also fast delivery. That's another way to do it!!!
Schumacher 12-12-2014

Excellent service, extensive explanation *****
Dear René As you know yesterday picked up my new DJI Phantom Zenmuse, together with my grandson. I would like to thank you for the excellent service. Extensive explanation. Warm welcome, also for grandson. Great demo and explanation of the test flying. I am happy that I bought this aircraft at Minicopters, am now going to fly extensively with it and think about the sequel (add fpv set). I would be happy to let you advise this and then build it up, so see you soon! kind regards, Otto
Otto 11-12-2014

DJI Vision 2+ V3 *****
This afternoon picked up my new DJI Vision 2+ from Rene in Ede. Had a good explanation, ditto test flight. Nice to see the enthusiasm of Rene, heart for his product and immediately made my first test flight after returning home. Recommended to get your stuff from Rene!
Rene van Dijk from Purmerend 6-12-2014

Super satisfied
Because I happened to be near Ede yesterday and had been looking around for a helicopter for a while, I called Rene. He was present at the time and had the V911 in stock. I went to pick it up and he immediately tested and explained it. Great service and very helpful! I have every confidence in this case and I am convinced that I can easily go with questions or problems that I would encounter .... Highly recommended and I fear that it will not be the last thing I will buy from him .. .
Mike from The Hague 29-10-2014

Quality products and great service *****
After reading in and advice here on the forum I first bought a Hubsan X4 V2. The service and flying were so good that I couldn't pass up an offer less than a month later and I just made my first flight with my new quad (the Eye One Xtreme). First got the xtreme without transmitter. Rene had already noticed this and had already sent the transmitter. As said: great service and good products. Highly recommended!
Tijn Cox from Nijmegen 4-10-2014

DJI 550 F *****
Thank you very much for the tips and the super fast delivery. Ha was faster than the mail Rene this time. The copter is completely super and was top packed. After the Phantom now bought this hexacopter from you. thanks for the fast delivery and the 1 on 1 aftercare ;-) Regards, a regular customer (Arnold Lankamp)
Arnold from Harlingen 19-9-2014

Great Service *****
What a great service from Minicopters (René) .. 2 months ago we ordered a Quadcopter V222 from minicopters .. Last week the Quadcopter did not turn on its own axis anymore. Contacted Rene, he had never heard of the problem .. The next day I received an email that I could send the transmitter and that I would receive a new transmitter free of charge. Instead of sending it I drove past , and picked up the new channel :-) .. Thanks René
Patrick Mostert from Vlaardingen 19-9-2014

More perfect service *****
First of all my thanks, I have never seen such a perfect and professional case before, with live images and forum. My name is Danny and I have been active in the rc world for 20 years. Started with tamiya cars, later robbe and graupner boats and built up a collection of 13 bigscale cars (FG and Hormann) over the last 10 years. Now that my friends were switching to flying drop-wise, I decided to purchase a mini drone for fun, at your con culegga (electrical department store), a samewa x80 for 40 euros. However, we did not get this thing normally stable with 5 men and after 3 batteries it was defective (no parts for it afterwards) and therefore a shame. Since I got the jitters anyway, I decided to read on the internet, and so after thorough research ended up on your site, and my eye fell on the HUbsan x4 H107c hd. The handling you do is also of unprecedented value as a customer, forum and live image MET test, regardless of the price range. I have NEVER experienced this in 20 years, not even if I buy cars of 3000 euros, there is paid and good luck thats it. You give confidence and a kind of compassion to your customers. Even if it is a product of 100 euros, for which I can only make a deep bow and will certainly come back to you when I have gained experience with my hubsan to go bigger. Finally the Hubsan, what a thing !!!, Stable and (feeling) of control (as a layman) in 1 go, instead of that samewi thing. I have found a new branch of rc and will definitely order a few more batteries. Now get a lot of experience and then to the midlevel V222, and then a phantom. So for anyone in doubt, don't buy anything at online stores even though the price seems so nice, is the place where you get value for money regardless of the price range. Gentlemen, thank you, I see that my battery is full again hahaha. And I will definitely come back to you for my next parts / or copters. Mvg Danny
Danny 9/11/2014

Satisfied *****
I am very impressed with how you handle everything. Well done with the hustle and bustle. I have not yet received my extreme but am already satisfied.
Aad from Nijmegen 1-9-2014

Send, receive ***
I found the time between ordering and receiving very long, but I still hope to enjoy it
Julian from Uddel 9/1/2014

SERVICE !!! *****
And not with a capital letter, but only capital letters! Due to our overlapping holidays it took a little longer, for some perhaps a reason to buy your quadcopter at X or Y; you know, ordered now, delivered tomorrow. I consciously chose not to. A DJI is slightly more complicated (and more expensive) so wanted to make use of René's explanation and the joint test flight (s). Today we picked up the DJI, drank coffee, had a nice chat and the test flight; super. Wish René good luck and many customers in the future too; I know, it might take a little longer but SERVICE is really worth a lot.
Jos from Leusden 28-8-2014

Perfect delivery *****
Just before his vacation, Rene still had time to prepare my Phantom FC40 and explain it to me. Top service !!!!! Has flown for many hours now and what a beautiful copter that is. The FC40 camera takes really nice images, but a GoPro with Gimbal is already on the wish list. So Rene you will definitely see me again
Rob Kieft from Veenendaal 8/27/2014

Tasty no-nonsense shop, but the right service!
I bought an RC EYE One Xtreme from René. What a top shop René has said. Nice no-nonsense, but with excellent service. Every quadcopter that goes out the door, big or small, is pre-bound with the controller and tested. The copter does not go back into the box until it is 100% working. Ordering today and delivered tomorrow is not always feasible. Hence the 'order backlog' statement on the homepage. That has only to do with the high demand for quadcopters. He does everything on his own, but nevertheless continues to provide perfect service. It is worth the wait. It is not only testing the quadcopters before they go out, but also the aftercare, which is just as important in my opinion. When you pick up a Phantom, you don't go home without having made a test flight with the necessary explanation. Where do you still get that nowadays. René also only sells copters that he himself has extensively tested and that he supports himself. Everyone thinks it is normal these days to respond to questions, emails and phone calls within an hour. That is not always the case with René. I don't think this SERVICE is normal! Keep it up René!
Roy van Lith from Wamel 7/31/2014

v303 seeker *****
I am satisfied with the service offered with my purchase ... batteries in the transmitter ... tuned and tested ... plus the fact that you can always call or email in case of problems ....
Luc Roels from Bruges 7/30/2014

Top service !!!!!!!! *****
We had an appointment with Rene around 12:00. Phantom was neatly ready. Walked to the nearby field at our leisure. Here Rene took all the time to explain everything about the phantom. After this made a test flight. Went great. Rene, keep it up with your company and your business operations, then you will be even busier if you already had that, I am convinced. Few companies today provide such a good and personal service. I will continue to order everything from you from now on. Tonight I made a test flight with Roy and it went great.
Arnold Ernens from Wamel 12-7-2014

new tail motor V913 *****
I bought a large helicopter from René and after a few weeks the tail motor turned out to be worn out. René has indicated this to WL Toys and sent a new bike, free of charge. He even wanted to pay the shipping costs. I cannot imagine better suppliers for your flying products! This is Service with Capital Letters. René, thank you, I am very happy with the bike, but also with all the support you give. You can tell that you are all about the products you sell! Class!
Rob van Viegen from Zoetermeer 2-7-2014

Super service, Super person, Super Webshop! *****
I picked up a DJI Phantom 2 Vision + from Belgium on 29/06/2014 and I drove 3 hours to pick it up, but this was really worth it !! When we arrived everything was ready and then at least an hour to fly and everything explained how and what then after talking about other material. is highly recommended nowhere will you find this service !!! Thanks again for everything!
Jeffrey Baillieu from Blankenberge (Belgium) 6/30/2014

excellent support and service! *****
We bought a quatcopter and a large heli from René. Something went wrong with both devices, which is not due to René; he had tested everything and it worked. René has really done everything to think along and help solve the problems and that is much more than could be expected of him. We are very happy with his service and would like to recommend him and his shop to others and we do! Well done René, super service!
Rob van Viegen from Zoetermeer 6/21/2014

Someone with passion who does not push boxes
Wanted to buy a DJI Phantom for months, everything sorted out online, requested quotes everywhere. Then the choice is, are you going for a box pusher, or someone who you notice understands? Glad I chose the latter! Not only did I end up with Rene at about the same price, but once you pick up the set you notice that he is someone with passion, knowledge and skills. Phantom was ready, everything neatly installed, done a test flight on the spot. Took me 2.5 hours! That is service that you do not get with a box pusher! Not even from all sorts of extras that he tries to sell you: just do business honestly and sincerely with passion: TOP!
Marcel Engelman from Utrecht 20-6-2014

Very good service *****
Super fast and complete email response, late on a public holiday, and subsequent super fast shipping. That's how you make regular customers :)
Sander from Tilburg 11-6-2014

invoice **
article works well and after proper only the completion of many emails about the invoice still not answered and invoice still not received after almost 3 quarters of a year bit of a pity if you want to buy something that will be responded to immediately in the event that you still have the invoice want to email the dji phantom my thanks
Ghp werner from Zeist 5/27/2014

Response Minicopters:
Hi Bert,

I have not been able to find an order, indeed I did receive email messages on 21 and 22 August 2013. The question in which name the invoice should be placed does not seem to be answered. I will ask this question again and then ensure that the invoice is still sent.


René Minicopters


Perfect *****  
Delivery fast !!! If not in stock, it is also there! Tips on the website and even a note in the box. Minicopters keep it up!
Rob from Hengelo 5/24/2014

That little bit extra *****
DJI phantom 2 ordered with zenmuse. Many questions were asked in advance by email and everything was answered neatly and clearly. Service is affable. Had a good explanation about the phantom 2 and its operation. This company is definitely recommended for those who consider service of paramount importance!
Richard Koops from Putten 5/15/2014

Eye One Extreme *****
A few weeks ago bought an Eye One Extreme from René, and again noticed the good service from Minicopters. Very good quality, and delivered quickly, after reading the manual carefully made my first test flight. Quadje flies very stable, and is now equipped with a FPV set (currently 84 grams), flight time is 6-7 minutes with plenty of time to land. Afterwards I placed an order with extra props, batteries and a Onestation, with which I can now recharge in the field from a 12v lead battery. I've flown quite a few hours now and can only say that it is a great thing. I had crashes - but were purely because of my own stupidity - in the quick misplacing props, and so grabbing a tree ... René, thank you very much again for making this extremely relaxing hobby possible. Until the next order!
Mark van Werven from Hoevelaken 27-4-2014

RC Eye One Extreme *****
Quadcopter Eye One Extreme orders and delivered the next day. Test stamp and invoice neatly included. After reading the manual immediately made a short flight home. Everything went to full satisfaction. Compliments for the quick handling of ordering and delivery!
Bjorn from Alkmaar 20-4-2014

ok *****
When I, as a Belgian, order something, it is (after some experience) always via a Dutch website. NEVER no problems. Not now. It was at the door in 2 days. The v959 is definitely worth the money. it lain at a depth of 1 meter for more than an hour, fell into the pond and could not reach it immediately because it is fenced off for my children. Blown dry with compressor, everything still works perfectly, except for the sound of the camera. (Pretty normal). The camera itself also works .. Super toys for grown-ups ;-)
Paternoster Jan from Beveren 9120 4-4-2014

V929 *****
Thanks for the smooth delivery. I gave it a try today, flying with such a mini-drone. Well that went quite well, my wife and I had a good laugh. Pretty soon you have him fairly under control, but you also understand that you need to practice to make him really do what you want. But what a top technique, on such a small print. And indeed, despite about 20 crashes, it hasn't been broken yet. I think the cap is the most vulnerable. Furthermore, just super nice thing. Or order extra batteries, then you can continue training.
Anonymous 3/25/2014

great *****
I have been helped tremendously, I can only say thank you very much for the beautiful product that was delivered. I am still waiting for the gimbal and the longer legs. but even for this delay he was helpful by sending the rest so that I could test with the f450 today. thanks again very much for the suport so far.
Aart from Dordrecht 24-3-2014

good service *****
what a top company, great service, many companies can take this as an example. our remote did not work, and the next day a new one was delivered. hats off great.
k vd Meer from Workum 23-3-2014

Delivery *****
Received advice very quickly. Fast and good delivery, also very well packaged Excellent!
Kevin from limburg 3/19/2014

Fantastic service *****
Never experienced service like this before. Thinking along, coming up with the right products and good support: fantastic!
Arnold from Utrecht 7-3-2014

Phantom 2 vision *****
Picked up my Phantom 2 vision today. What a service !!!!!!!!! Completely set up and checked. Before I took the Phantom home, I received a flight instruction and tips and all for the same price. Top service. Truly someone who makes work of his passion.
Hans from Rijssen 3/4/2014

on to 2nd order *****
good service. I am from Belgium myself, but everything runs smoothly and spare parts arrive quickly. keep on doing!!
jurgen from ostend 1-3-2014

Quadrocopter *****
Well folks, I had a hard time with two quadrocopters, broke down quickly, don't know how, and I was done with it. After the first broken copter leniency with the second, and with the second broken everything was sent back. I was done with it. In the meantime, kept in touch with René. Now, with even more leniency, we received the third copter. If this one dies again for no apparent reason, I will buy another one. In which I am advised by René, and I buy it from him! Rarely experienced such good service! El Harald.
Harald from Barendrecht 19-2-2014

Recommended! *****
Now ordered something from Minicopters several times and each time a good experience. In terms of FPV certainly one of the better because of the choice and price / quality ratio. In addition, it is very nice that (if possible) use can be made of shipping via letter post.
Justin from Meerssen 8-2-2014

Wrong order handled super. *****
I ordered the wrong bikes. No difficult was done. Order canceled and my money back the next day. Other sites can take an example from this.
Rene Koopman from Klazienaeveen 2-2-2014

Thanks for the support *****
I was helped very well and recently flown the first LiPos empty. Being able to make the right decisions, partly because of the feedback from Rene. Top site, top help, definitely recommended! Rene, if you want to see the result: here is a video of my F450 ordered here
Marcel from Weert 22-1-2014

JXD 385 *****
The JXD 385, a first class mini (!) Quad copter. After a lot of deliberation, I bought one. The big advantage of this quad in my opinion is that it easily switches between the 3 different flight modes and makes easy loops. I don't think the transmitter is good enough to fly in exactly. The resolution on the sticks is disappointing, I expected. I have no comparison with other transmitters but when the quad rises and you slow down to get into hover you will regularly slow down too much so you have to compensate again and shoot up. It can be a lot of experience, but with my other simple coaxial helicopter this is much smoother. The gyro does its job perfectly, also in wind, it is easy to fly, but it is only small so it is easy to get away with reasonable wind. It is stable! I often fly in a storage space of 50 x 30 and that space is actually too large because you can no longer see where the front and back are. It can withstand quite a bit (even a landing in water has survived the mine. (1st flight)) also survives crashes well. As written above, the loops are also easy. You press the button for loops and choose which side the quad should make its loop. that's it! Top product, great quad to start with.
Hans from Dronten 21-1-2014

Hubsan X4 v2 *****
Last Tuesday we finally received our Hubsan. Initially a few things went wrong due to various circumstances, but René has done his best to solve everything (thx. For the extra battery ;-) Now still some fine-tuning in the calibration (he drifts a bit to the right) but we'll figure that out, the transmitter may need to be calibrated. Furthermore, a very nice mini drone! Have seen a few nice drones on the site! ;-) Erik - Dinteloord NB 10-01-2014
Erik from Dinteloord NB 10-1-2014

thank you *****
May I thank you again very much rene. Broplemen are resolved with your help. Very good, especially since I didn't even buy it from you dad. You said it doesn't matter. Very good.
jan willems from roosendaal 8-12-2013

Top tent and super service !! *****
I was one of the first to order an RC Eye One S (I think). Great fun quadcopter, very strong and 3 different flight modes. Unfortunately, my copy had an anomaly. Nothing more than praise about all forum and mail correspondence! René really thinks along with you and gives excellent advice! In the end my problem was too "strange" (even for René). I returned the quad and René has tested everything extensively. Finally got another quad (with some extras :)) and this one flies great! So that the sales service was good, we already knew that. But the after sale service is also great here! A lot of (web) stores can learn from that!
Eric Schot from Amsterdam 11-18-2013

DJI phantom *****
made my maiden flight today which is a cool device I must say value for money ... will certainly advise people about this to get the material from here and not yet talked about the service and the coffees am very happy with this go so on
Martijn van Galen from Harlingen 9-11-2013

3rd order, again super! *****
Ordered a WLtoys v929, super quad for the money. Flies very stable, have already been flipping in the (small) living room, pure relaxation. Fpv set thinking about it now. Only downside is the weather, come on, now we have had enough wind / rain, I want to fly outside! Also placed an order for the bubbler and water cannon * (v959), very nice toys! Top service again- please keep it up! ^^
Mark from Hoevelaken 7-11-2013

FPV *****
FPV ordered Assembled by Dennis, tested indoors today. Mounted on my DJI F450 and nice effects above our village, hell. Yesterday ordered extra parts today within I am happy good work greetings from Zeeland
Kevin Alias ​​Quadforce from Schoondijke 30-10-2013

Absolutely great! *****
After having received extensive information from Rene much earlier, I called again on Saturday. Again a lot of time to ask my questions. Order then made via the web. neat and tidy emails with updates on the state of affairs and on Tue the phantom was ready. Called on Wednesday if I could pick it up. No problem. Again ample time for explanation. During testing there was a scratch on the landing gear. Rene immediately indicated this upon arrival, and the new one was already ready. All in all, super service! Highly recommended!
Matthijs from Amersfoort 24-10-2013

DJI Phantom *****
Today the phantom received by mail and everything was rtf !!! well packaged and immediately an email that I could call if I did not quite succeed. I call that 1 on 1 service and will certainly recommend to everyone in my circle! also made a short video of the very first test flight: Thank you very much!
Arnold Lankamp from Harlingen 19-10-2013

Advice sought *****
And received a lot. I thought I would ask a few simple questions. A full A4 sheet of useful answers came back, including new questions. After 3 days of contact twice a day, I'm out and I know exactly what I want and get. I would never have been able to do this without the excellent service from Rene and his team. I regret that I ever ordered from Toemen before. What a world of difference! All the best.
W. van Spain from Utrecht 16-10-2013

Batteries 959 *****
Super ordered 2 batteries yesterday and already delivered today.
P Goppel from Neer 11-10-2013

Hubsan X4 *****
Last week I bought my Hubsan X4. There appeared to be a small defect with the charger when ordering, this has been resolved well. Since many flying hours, the X4 is strong and does not break easily. Even a crash against the roof was quickly resolved with the replacement of the spare wings. I flew home tonight and filmed what went well, so great quart Copter, great serves, keep it up!
Henk from Bovensmilde 26-9-2013

Troubleshooting *****
I would like to express my thanks to your company. Despite my minimal purchase, you spoke to me extensively up to three times and assisted me to cope with problems. Very friendly and helpful. Thank you. Nice old-fashioned.
M. van Boetzelaer 9/16/2013

thigh f450 *****
hello everyone Wednesday dji f450 ordered Friday afternoon in Friday evening everything assembled Saturday sat behind the computer Saturday afternoon flying but thx rene all top still save a bit for a base a gimbal and a gopro3 and good filming will be all right again thx
Kevin Hermes from Schoondijke 9-9-2013

Picking up parts on the moped *****
René really helped me SUPER. Am with the moped, despite being very busy, getting some parts for the Hubsan X4. René spoke to me very well, has good prices, and is honest about his products. The products themselves are fine, 2x the blue batteries, and it is a lot more power. I flew with an 808 camera over the Ginkelse Heide (recommended if you come and pick it up), but I do have to learn to format the SD card before I fly;) Furthermore, a charging cable (USB to Walkera plug), and the black / orange got props, the charging cable works perfectly, I was able to recharge on location with a mobile charging station. Not tried the props yet, but they look great. Very good experience. René, I come more often.
Mark van Werven from Hoevelaken 5-9-2013

Fast and good *****
Ordered Tuesday evening and Friday morning everything at home, including the camera assembled in the extra housing ordered !!! Top !! Friday evening everything assembled, and quickly made a test flight, everything works. Just determine the best places for the antennas on my MX400. Rene, thanks for the telephone advice.
F vd Maat from Nuenen 16-8-2013

Old fashioned good! *****
Cup of coffee? Enjoy in the backyard with other customers spread across Belgium and the Netherlands. Cozy and informative. Of course tried the Phantom and took all the explanations to me. Fine! Very satisfied and I don't even worry about ever (if the service maintains this level) ever visiting another RC shop! Compliments.
Arno B. from Westkapelle 6-8-2013

Bought Dji Phantom *****
Picked up a Dji Phantom today, totally awesome. Rene took plenty of time for an explanation and also charged the extra batteries so that I could fly immediately. I am very satisfied with the contact and service. And the Phantom flies (even in GPS mode) very smoothly and responds well. Thanks
Simon from Amsterdam 1-8-2013

super help *****
hello thank you very much for the help to my v959 first the poor with the motorbikes then the phone webcam help all super I know where I have to be flying stuff and stay thx keep it up mvg Jelmer Smink
Jelmer Smink 31-7-2013

V959 camera quadcopter *
Camera works for about 10 seconds, then only the sound is recorded! Minicopters know nothing about this error, some suggestions are made, which we will work with. Result NONE, and it is only done with; must have flown to pieces. Well really not! DOA

Response Minicopters:

(For the readers, DOA stands for Dead On Arrival / broken on delivery)

Dear Mr. Ossevoort,

We shipped your V959 on July 7, the camera has been tested and is working great at that time. On July 19, we will ship 2 wishbones with motors. Your quadcopter has crashed, you tell me. On July 26, we receive the message that the camera no longer works. We have mentioned a number of POSSIBLE causes. Also suggestions to solve the problem. You have not answered this message but have chosen to make your complaint here. The fact that you are now reporting that the camera never worked ... if you lie, I'm afraid we can't work it out together. Unfortunately.

If you change your mind, a response via email is always welcome.


René Nieuwenhuis

Fidelity fire fly *****
Super fast delivery and well packaged! Keep it up!
Fred from Breda 7/24/2013

Top shop! *****
Rene is the honest person behind this store. He will tell you honestly whether something is suitable for you and why not. In the end I didn't buy anything but asked questions for half an hour. He did not mind at all and said that for me (I have a condition) it would not be fun and I would regret a purchase. He wished me the best asller 3 times. I like that very much, I would like to recommend this store to anyone who is honest and does not want to be cheated. There are already plenty of them. Good luck with your beautiful shop Rene.
PAH de Vries from Achthuizen 24-7-2013

Parts v929 ****
Fast delivery, well and firmly packaged, only the tailbooms I ordered do not seem quite right, because there is a thread in it, and the hole is not big enough for that, everything else (:
Geert from Deventer 4-7-2013

Response Minicopters:
Hi Geert, I will contact you. The hole is big enough, it is inimini tinkering. It'll be fine!

Quadcopter V959
This is the first time that I have flown with Quad copter. It takes some getting used to. flying and recording still find it a bit difficult. So first without it. I think it's a really nice quadcopter. thank you very much minicopters Delivery is fine. Neatly packaged and you will be kept well informed of the status of the order.
Lex Boerma from Veendam 28-6-2013

Service *****
I can only say that it is great. René has helped me very well. Despite the fact that it took a while, super service was delivered without any effort, my rc one eye was something not in order, it was sent back René would check it, this took a while but in the end there was a super reaction and the helicopter was completely replaced for a new one . I can't say anything else, super thank you and I am very happy with it. This one works great. Can finally enjoy it now. So thank you very much for this René.
René F. 13-6-2013

Rc eye one *****
Ordered Rc eye one plus keychain camera. Works great! Flies so much better than the V959 I already had. The eye is one and every way better. A small, sturdy and nice flying quadcopter. An absolute must.
Nico from Schagen 11-5-2013

TriCopter Scorpion parts *****
Propellors and engines received very quickly. Thanks for the perfect delivery. Absolutely great!!!
Jan Tielkemeijer from Huizen 11-5-2013

Eye One & V939 *****
I bought these 2 quadcopters and some more parts here. Great fun stuff and almost unbelievable how stable these little quadcopters are. And also affordable ... The service here is also very good; neat delivery and everything arrived well packaged. And also received some tips from René about my Hubsan X4. Toppie!
Marco Cornelissen from Veldhoven 5/9/2013

DIO450 quadcopter *****
Bought a DIO450 quadcopter at René's place two days ago and now after two days I am very happy with my new quadcopter. After two days already flown 8 times and getting better. Even crashed once but luckily without damage. It is really a nice and sturdy copter and super sensitive too, but you get used to that. I have advice for everyone who is going to buy it; build up slowly and do not try everything out immediately. Aftersales is also good with René which I also find very important so in short mine; 5 stars.
Edin from Tilburg 4/30/2013

V939 *****
Fast delivery, well packaged. Great fun for a beginner! Battery charger turned out to be defective (first connect to USB, then connect batteries!), Rene immediately sent me a new one after an email. Good service!
Len from Eindhoven 9-4-2013

rc eye one quadcopter *****
fast delivery, and I appreciate that !! placed an order for the first time and within two days. I really appreciate that.
Dennis from Den Helder 1-4-2013

RC EYE ONE *****
After doubting from me which mini quad followed René's advice. What a fun thing, flying can now practice some or keep it under control. I'm also going to put my keychain on it and see what movies it makes. Made an adapter cable to charge the batteries with a normal charger. PS: Delivery time is also top as promised. Recommended this store !!!!
Wim Matla from Rijswijk 3/30/2013

Movie RC Eye One *****
What a great device.
Gies from Apeldoorn 28-3-2013

Quadcopter V959 *****
Great service! Super friendly. Minicopters helped me very well with the purchase of my quadcopter V959. I contacted minicopters and az helped me perfectly!
Pim Kaptein from Hengelo 18-3-2013

Battery / battery 260 mAh Nano-Tech *****
Thanks for the fast delivery, in the Bubble envelope ... this battery is 2 mm shorter than the Original one, and therefore fits even better ... the service is TOP!
Tom v Nielen from Tilburg 15-3-2013

Charger *****
charger for v911 ​​new well arrived thanks for fast delivery
Harrie Klijsen from Tilburg 13-3-2013

RC Eye One *****
Have it at home for a few days now and have only flown indoors so far, but what a great machine this is, very well built and very stable. Until now I usually fly in sport mode where the light flashes orange, for indoors that is still fine, especially if you have a bit of a large room, expert mode is almost impossible to do in your living room. During the weekend I can fly into an empty sports hall and will see what is possible in sports fashion. To properly push the connector of the battery into its berth you should not have too fat fingers, but yes, you just have that with a minicopter ;-) Nice device and fast delivery, super purchase.
Gies from Apeldoorn 13-3-2013

RC Eye One *****
I can only confirm what I have read in previous reviews at, fantastic service. I ordered an RC Eye One myself because there were very solid test reports about it, but the flight characteristics especially appealed to me. Coincidentally I came across this nicely finished quadcopter at minicopters while they were not yet in stock because this was a new model, so after email contact I ordered one after which I had to wait a few weeks for it. This is where the excellent service comes in, I was kept very well informed where my order was and how long it would approximate. There was even telephone contact the day before my package would arrive. Thanks for the great service and I know where to find you .. Great!
Edwin from Eindhoven 3/8/2013

Fantastic service *****
The new PCB for my Vitality H36 did not have a good range. After calling René to ask for advice, I was immediately offered a new one free of charge. That's service!
Karel from Den Helder 6-3-2013

V959 *****
Already placed some orders and delivered neatly packaged the next day. The V959 flies like a charm and the small cam makes surprisingly good recording. Very clear website in short: Very satisfied with this top seller.
Fren from Vlijmen 2-3-2013

V949 *****
My first quadcopter, nice with lighting. First tried with mode2. I thought the transmitter could be converted. But still more difficult than I thought. Great service that I could order a mode 1 channel. Flew indoor today. Already went very well. Even flips made on roll and pitch. The copter does that well and recovers very well, just give a little gas to absorb the fall. Several people very enthusiastic. Because the quadcopter from E-flite does not work. I'm happy with it.
Bart from Dongen 17-2-2013

V959 *****
Personal service, know-how, very smooth delivery and above all a perfect product delivered. Top!
Sonja from Best 11-2-2013

V959 *****
Fast and well-packaged delivery. Charger turned out to be broken, got a new one without any problems, with some good tips. The quadcopter is solid and can be controlled well for a beginner with some practice. The camera is a nice gadget and takes quite good pictures. This is a webshop as it should be!
Ton Rovers from Waalre 8-2-2013

Parts *****
I have now ordered several times parts were always shipped quickly and properly. You will also be answered in a friendly and professional manner in a word top /
J Beijl from Terkaple 7-2-2013

V959 *****
Needed parts (after crash). Ordered and delivered quickly. Another defect turned out to be perfect after a telephone conversation and ordered a new receiver board. Now wait for the postman and fly again,
Nico from Schagen 6-2-2013

v959 *****
Thank you for handling the orders, received fine and fast, good packaging without damage, the experience with flying is yet to come. Good and well-organized website. will come back sometimes.
Anonymous from Nijmegen 31-1-2013

V949 *****
At the beginning of this week I ordered a V949 with an extra lipo tiger 600Mah. Everything packaged very well. Never flown with such a thing ... but after half an hour it goes around the room completely. (Tips on the site contributed to that) Notice that there is a lot of power in it and it will come out better outside. In short, great value for little money. Just no idea what the difference between mode 1 and 2 and how this is to be converted.
Hanske 1/26/2013

Service, in a word great! *****
Here unknown and new customers are helped on their way. René takes the time to answer you personally and correctly. Where can you still find that.
Phillip from The Hague 1/24/2013

Very good service *****
I ordered the Hubsan X4 with an extra battery that did not work properly and I made contact with the seller and I received a new one, which is a good service.
Fetullah Yildiz from Utrecht 21-1-2013

Good service *****
Hey, just a good website with a good reliable seller behind it! Orders shipped very quickly, hats off !! This is good business. I have the vitality mini quad, thing flies wonderfully quiet. It flies the same as a large quad. So that's why I now use to exercise during the winter months. Ps: I also have the Hubsan, which is also a nice thing, it is easier to fly than the vitality.
Raymond Zahradnik from Nijmegen 20-1-2013

Hubsan X4 *****
Ordered on Friday at 14.04 and delivered immediately on Saturday. The quadcopter flies very well out of 4 flights crashed 0 times. I'll definitely return.
Anonymous from Utrecht 1/19/2013

Hubsan X4 *****
Just because it is so nice and small, ideal for the living room (even flips you get in the living room) thing was in perfect condition, even tested. thing flies really well! Just do the RIGHT calibration, and it flies as tight as a string! and not to forget: PRIMA price!
Pieter van Ginneken from Hoogerheide 15-1-2013

FPV Sky Hawk *****
Hello Rene, thank you for the fast delivery. They were in on Friday and were well packaged. Assembled and tested on Saturday. Our first flying day on Sunday, everything went very well. Only had some problems with the wind and the cold (-1) But the Spy Hawks flew well. Definitely recommended for aircraft enthusiasts. Flying with 2 Spy Hawks at the same time was a lot of fun. Now a little bit of practice for better recordings, really fun. John and Jeroen.
John Boon from Hellevoetsluis 13-1-2013

V939 *****
Very sturdy little minicopter that also steers nicely. See my experience on the page of the V939.
Geert Dijstelbloem from Helmond 9-1-2013

v949 *****
very fast delivery, great fun and easy to fly
Anonymous 1/5/2013

supper site *****
At first there was some confusion, but thanks to the good service that was quickly resolved. Me V949 mini ufo copter flies wonderfully just got it and of course could not wait to fly :) keep it up minicopters
ricardo from hoogvliet 4-1-2013

I look at every thing which they still have and that was the V929 Beetle quadcopter still 6 pieces but actually wanted the V949 mini UFO quadcopter but didn't have one so order the other NOW I have ordered it there are still 0 weeks to wait BUT they will have that again UFO 10 pieces that I actually wanted :(

stefan from haarlem 3-1-2013

Response Minicopters:

Dear Stefan,

You ordered the V929. We shipped it the same day.
So you didn't have to wait a week but got the V929 the next day.
The fact that the V929 was out of stock after your purchase is because you had bought the last one :) That you would rather have ordered the V949 ... we can be reached by telephone and e-mail and would have liked to have told you that they would come in.


René Nieuwenhuis

The Hubsan x4 micro quadcopter
Hello Minicopters. First of all, thank you for the fast and correct delivery! The x4 flies perfectly. It is certainly a challenging aircraft which deserves some concentration but I think that if you take your first flight with it quietly (in the beginner mode) you will end up very have fun. Thank you for your reply. I really appreciate people making themselves heard.
Jaap from Amersfoort 28-12-2012

Helicopter Beetle V929 *****
Ordered Boxing Day (yesterday), very clear; easy ordering, good site! Hopefully it will arrive soon, I can hardly wait!
Sjoerd 12/27/2012

v929 *****
fast delivery good working product class!
Jan 23-12-2012

Hubsan X4 *****
After some lesser experiences with Toemen, I ended up on this site. Too bad I was not here to order my Hubsan X4 first. There was still one in stock, ordered immediately and had it adjusted / tested. Extra battery with ... Received at home yesterday and made a test flight. CLASS!!! Good communication, you will be kept well informed about the developments of your order. On to the next order !! And yes, next time I'll check first
William from Harderwijk 21-12-2012

V949 mini UFO quadcopter *****
Finally a flying object that can take a beating. My son went flying and thought the higher the better, a strong gust of wind and the helicopter went right over the house and he was gone. That became searching. That bitch had soon ended up about 50 meters further and therefore crashed from about 10 meters high. But not a penny of pain, just put it down again and fly, everything still worked. Only the cap was slightly torn. Great stuff though
Peter te Mebel from Ede 12/14/2012

v929 *****
I had to wait for the delivery as it was temporarily sold out but it was worth it. compliments to Minicopters regarding. the very quick answers to the questions asked by me. definitely and site to recommend. Sander
Sander 13-12-2012

Awesome! *****
Clear webshop. Fast, clear and good handling. Glad I ordered my v929 here. They are also very accessible! Definitely order something here again.
Alexander from Bussum 10-12-2012

Good service *****
Wow, I couldn't wait to receive the Quadcopter and finally I can fly it now! I want to give a big compliment to this website. They keep you well informed about the status of your order, inform you well and are always willing to help you. Thank you Minicopters for this fantastic service.
Bram Versluis from Alphen aan den Rijn 7-12-2012

Great service *****
Ordered on Saturday Wednesday at home, what an addictive device that v929 quadcopter.
Henk 6-12-2012

Super! *****
It starts with a good stock indication, then he also calls back nicely if you have tried to call him, he asks you what color the cap should be ... everything FAST on the mail, and the copter is ready within 24 hours after ordering. already inside. Everything neatly packaged, and works perfectly! SUPER service, fast, and the price is also good !!! Great thing by the way, that beetle quadcopter!
Pieter van Ginneken from Hoogerheide 30-11-2012

BOOM! *****
Boom against the wall. Boom the door. Boom the ceiling. And only a few scratches on the blades !!! I did not believe all those nice talks here, but it is really true. I also called a few times with mini-opters because you never know. Always friendly and if not answered she called back herself. I can recommend them here. I now also see the big quadcopter. Nice, I think I will also order it if there are pictures of it. They also have them at feenix but they cost 1800. I'm not kidding.
Henk Hermesdorf from Zeeland 29-11-2012

First outdoor flight .. *****
Ordered, and got it nice and fast, today the first flight outside, after a few days of indoor practice. With a keycam on his back, and still great to fly .. just practice on the landing. YouTube link. And then: pick it up and fly on. The biggest problem: too few batteries ;-)
Gert-Jan 24-11-2012

After 3 weeks of flying ... *****
... the thing is still intact! Never had so much fun with flying toys. The quadcopter is truly indestructible. Most mini-helicopters were broken within days, but this thing goes on and on. So far I have only flown it indoors at 20% and 40% and that is fine. Good maneuverability and precise landing. Next summer I would like a larger model with a FPV camera and this is a great training device for that. Finally, the seller is friendly and informative so I will definitely buy here again when larger quadcopters are going to be sold.
Vincent from Betuwe 24-11-2012

v929 beetle *****
Ordered a V929 on Sunday afternoon, received it on Tuesday morning, well packaged and with a second battery. This is my first order with minicopters, so first impression is fine.
Olddutch from Nieuw Vennep 20-11-2012
• I am very happy with it!
Top service!
Marcel Wey 19-11-2012

Recommendation *****
Fantastic service. I had a problem and called. I was allowed to return immediately and I immediately received a whole new helicopter! They can learn a lot from Toemen. They don't even respond to my emails. Thanks. I will definitely be back and will recommend you to everyone.
Berend van Loenen 19-11-2012

LOL *****
Thanks for info about a spycam I am going to order it Just flown outside with V929 Super easy Never had such fun with an RC model for so little money An ideal introduction to quad flying This is certainly not my last order with you.
Lionel Williams 11-11-2012

Mistake, thanks anyway. ****
I forgot to check that my quadcopter could be tested and later sent an e-mail about this. I got a message back that it was no problem and a test would still be performed. When I had already flown I received another message. That something went wrong in the ordering process and my quadcopter had not been tested. With apologies and the question whether everything was okay. It is nice to see that these people apparently show real interest in the customer. 1 star off for forgetting but very nice to see that you are taken seriously.
Anonymous 11/8/2012

Neat *****
I think it is very neat that you still want to give the free battery that is now on offer. I thought if you don't dare, you won't win, but didn't expect a positive message. Good luck with your shop. The aftercare and service you provide should be fine.
Ronald König 11-2-2012

A great response from you to my previous email! *****
The approach is partly informative, partly empathetic and partly private. Very well. Rene, I really appreciate that you tell me so openly and honestly about the possibilities of the V929 and the multicopter stuff.
Peter 11/1/2012

Happy as a child! *****
Completely happy with my first quadrocopter. How nice this is guys. And what an excellent idea. Everything neatly packaged and checked. Get started right away without messing around. Thank you very much, I am happy!
Willem-Hendrik 28-10-2012

Just flown *****
After the order I received a few times an email how the shipment was doing. After 2 days I had my helicopter. It really is a great thing! Now order a few extra batteries here. I hope you will have the others in stock soon. I also want the one with LEDs!
Harm from Wekerom 26-10-2012

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